What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the practice of stimulating the nerve-ending network of the human feet and hands through skilled application of pressure and massage on these reflexes. From a purely anatomical viewpoint, each foot has thirty-three joints and has over 7,200 nerve-endings. These nerve-endings connect to nerve pathways that lead to every organ, gland and system with in the body. The condition of the foot is a reflection of the status of the major body systems: skin, musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous, reproductive and circulatory. Through the use of unique thumb and finger walking techniques crystal deposits (uric acid) are broken up and are carried off into the blood stream and eliminated through the urinary system. This relieves the congestion in the body and allows the body functions to run smoothly. Reflexology brings the body into homeostasis naturally. Reflexology is capable of improving the function of all body systems, while leaving the patient with a feeling of harmony and balance.

The benefits of Reflexology in the Dental Office

The benefit of reflexology in the dental office is relaxation. Reflexology relaxes the anxious patient causing their breath to slow down, which helps improve the circulation, and allows the body to use more oxygen. When the patient is relaxed, endorphins (the body's natural painkillers) are released within the body.

Our on-call, Ofelia Sierra is a certified Reflexologist. Reflexology can be practiced in conjunction with your dental visit or as an independent session. Reflexology sessions are available Monday through Saturday by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment please call our office at (404) 262-0806.